My Market Place

A true, M2M marketplace.

Dealpiazza’s marketplace is a “secondary marketplace” that links Sellers of unused giftcards and/or prepaid discount coupons to Shoppers who need those deals. This enables Sellers/holders of unused assets to encash these assets rather than watch them waste away as their purchased deal expires or remains unused.

Further, their unused giftcards or prepaid discount coupons or free coupons may be shared with friends and family through social media, email or text messages.

We literally have a one-click solution for you, providing a high-level of convenience and value. This provides Shoppers with near-instant availability of not only the giftcards , prepaid discount coupons, and/or free coupons now carried in your smartphone Dealpiazza wallet, but access to many more deals. All in a Mobile Marketplace, that goes where you go.

All this accessibility and service is at no charge to you, the Shopper. You pay for the value of what you purchase, often at a significant discount. Sellers of unused assets pay a small transaction fee only when their listed-for-sale assets are purchased in a discounted deal transaction (see terms and conditions for details). All transactions are paid through Paypal or Amazon Payments, and are fully compliant with their proven security systems.

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