How the App works for you

“Dealpiazza's patented system allows users to maximize their deals in the following way: 

Sellers  now have the means to encash their unused giftcards and/or prepaid coupons.  They may place their unused coupons or giftcards for sale at a discount on the Dealpiazza marketplace which is accessible on their smartphones or through our synchronized website. They only need to enter information once.

Shoppers may search for deals based on their location, merchant names, categories, face value and get increased discounts in a Combo-deal – i.e. a  Combo-deal.  A Combo-deal is a combination of  a discounted gift card and a discounted prepaid coupon. When an available free coupon is added, the available Combo-deal is truly maximized!

Of course, Shoppers may purchase their giftcard or prepaid coupon singly. Sellers may list their giftcards and prepaid discount coupons singly as well.

Sellers keep track of their giftcards or prepaid discount coupons or free coupons on their smartphones at no charge. These assets are available to them at the checkout counter at anytime, solving the ‘not available when needed’ problem. “

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