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Our ‘Super App’ for your mobile smartphone enables you to store your Gift Cards and Paid Coupons and Free Coupons in your phone, to recall them as and when you need them. No more ‘left my deals at home’ regrets!

Through our linked Dealpiazza Marketplace you may list your unused Gift Cards, Paid Coupons and/or Free Coupons for sale. This enables to unlock a market value on your deal assets, that may otherwise lose if they expire unused, or just bring in much-needed cash in exchange for gift cards or paid coupons or even free coupons that you may not use in the near future.

Through the same Dealpiazza Marketplace, you may search for deals, combining deals through our patented Combo-deal combinations to get the ‘best’ possible savings on your purchases. We reach out to the Internet to pull in deals from several sources and serve them up to you when you are ‘on the go’.

Two ways to access the deals - the Dealpiazza Marketplace is accessed ‘on the go’ through your smartphone, or via the Dealpiazza website.

Never be caught without access to deals that are ‘out there’ . Your savings will add up. We record and show you how you are doing as a ‘bargain hunter. Impress your friends with your business acumen!

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